W.T. Mitchell Group, Inc.

Our Core Services


Brokerage Service

The WT Mitchell Group is a full service commercial real estate brokerage firm.  We perform every aspect of real estate brokerage including tenant rollout in new markets, existing market expansion, new site acquisitions, leasing, and asset dispassions.  We provide our landlords, tenants and new business start-ups with the best exposure, marketing, and negotiations to ensure they will thrive in each real estate cycle at the best locations.  Our clients benefit from our 35 years of experience in commercial real estate brokerage, management and development.

Property Management

WT Mitchell Group manages real estate related assets on behalf of private pension funds, high net worth individuals, and family offices. These assets are managed with the same care as if they were owned by WT Mitchell Group. We have 30 years of management experience managing assets owned by the principals of WT Mitchell Group. We draw upon and apply this past experience to every new management assignment we undertake. As a third party service provider, we are set apart from others in that we bring an owner’s perspective in the way we maximize the cash flow and value of every asset we manage. WT Mitchell Group provides hands-on asset management and monitors each property throughout the entire investment cycle, communicating performance through timely and transparent reporting to owners and investors..


WT Mitchell Group was founded as a real estate development company focused on real property assets wholly owned by its principals.   We bring an owner’s perspective to every new assignment we undertake.

We work with our clients to create investments from the ground up in the real property class.  Our projects currently include ASC surgery centers, medical office, multi family communities, senior hosing communities, super market anchored shopping centers and shared office new business innovation centers.

As a developer we draw upon this experience and relationships to negotiate leases, land purchase agreements, city development agreements, architecture engineering construction contracts, utility service contracts, governmental approvals, loan documents, management agreements, permanent financing arrangements and analyze reports as to the physical condition of the property and the condition of title.  Our experience allows us to foresee the long term impact of each of these to the project’s success and bottom line.

Our project managers use the critical path scheduling method to monitor the progress of our development projects at every phase of development.  This attention to detail has provided greater control over the timing of our developments which equates to higher returns on invested capital for our investors.

Investment Funds

WT Mitchell Group creates investment funds on behalf of private pension funds, high net worth individuals, and family offices. These discretionary real estate funds are invested in real estate projects with operating and development partners, commonly known as joint venture equity. WT Mitchell Group provides hands-on asset management and monitors each investment throughout the entire investment cycle, communicating portfolio performance through timely and transparent reporting to investors. WT Mitchell Group funds provide a real estate investment vehicles for those seeking exposure to the real property asset class.

WT Mitchell Group has completed approximately $500 million worth of real estate investments on behalf of the Mitchell Group Funds. The success of these investments is a direct result to the past experience we have as a developer, builder, and owner of real estate.  We bring an owner’s long term perspective to all of our investments.

Investors choose WT Mitchell Group due to our ability to quickly assess risk and structure competitive joint venture arrangements.   We pride ourselves on the long term relationships we have built with our clients.




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