WT Mitchell Group subscribes to the “Investor’s Bill of Rights” first articulated by Eugene Kleiner and Tom Perkins.   “No profits will accrue to general partners until the investor’s capital is returned in full.”  Most of our funds go one step further to add a return on investors capital as well.

Investors profit first       

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Long term industry


WT Mitchell Group creates investment funds on behalf of private pension funds, high net worth individuals, and family owned companies. These discretionary real estate funds are invested in real estate projects with operating and development partners, commonly known as joint venture equity. WT Mitchell Group provides hands-on asset management and monitors each investment throughout the entire investment cycle, communicating portfolio performance through timely and transparent reporting to investors. Mitchell Group funds provide a real estate investment vehicle for those seeking more control and exposure to this asset class.

Mitchell Group has completed approximately $100 million worth of real estate investments on behalf of the Mitchell Group Funds. The integrity of these investments is a direct result to the past experience we have as a developer, builder, and owner of real estate. We bring an owner’s long term perspective to all of our investments.

Investors choose WT Mitchell Group due to our ability to assess risk and on size, which allows them greater flexibility and control over the individual assets being invested. We pride ourselves on the long term relationships we have built with our clients.

Investment Criteria

11 western states with a focus on metropolitan areas with populations of 250,000 to 1 million

Property Types:
Medical office, industrial, retail and multi-family.

Investment Size:
$5-50 million (total project costs)

Investment Structure:
Joint venture equity, preferred equity or mezzanine debt


Investments For:
Acquisitions, repositions, development, and recapitalization of income producing real estate

Hold Period:
2-5 years
Leveraged Yield Targets: High-teens+

WTMG Fund Characteristics:
Investing a high percentage of our own capital
Non-bureaucratic decision-making process
Definitive response
Reliable execution
Underwriting a deal from beginning to end